Trout & Pan Fish – Ultralight Graphite Series


The Ultralight Trout & Pan Fish Series was designed for the light rod angler who likes to use mini jigs or bait and wait with a whippy action rod that provides the necessary action yet has enough power to battle those feisty large fish!

Manufactured with RX6 Graphite, they have a thin overall diameter (OD) with very thin walls which make the rods very light, super sensitive and having the expected fast action of a full graphite rod.

They come in 6’ and 7’6” wrapped in metallic green and metallic rainbow with EVA/Cork split grip handles, graphite reel seats and black Alps guides.

The perfect rods to jig with mini jigs, bait & wait and/or drop-shot with size 1000 spinning reels.

Trout/Pan Fish Rods

FSG-600SP FL (1-4) – $200
FSG-760SP FL (1-4) – $200
FSG-760SP UL (2-6) – $200 Coming Soon


FSG-760SP FL (1-4), FSG-760SP UL (2-6), FSG-600SP FL (1-4), FSG-600UL (2-6)

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