Inshore Graphite Series


The FS Inshore Graphite Series was designed for the light rod A-fishionado who likes to have a quality light rod in his/her hands while chasing the In-shore species, like bass and halibut! Manufactured with RX6 Graphite these rods have a thin overall diameter (OD) with thin walls which make the rods very light, super sensitive and having the expected fast action of a full graphite rod.
Casting models come in 8’ wrapped with black with metallic Navy & silver trims, with EVA & Cork split grips to give them a nice bass rod look and lightness.
They are the perfect X-Light and Light rods to pair up with 300 size bait-casters loaded with 30-40# spectra and a 15-25# top-shot.
The Medium (20-40) will be a great addition to this line up to pair up with a 400 size bait-caster loaded with 40-50# spectra and a 30# top-shot for bass, rockfish and school size yellowtail at the local islands.
These are Not the rods you want to take offshore or be high-sticking because of the high-modulus graphite.

Casting Models
FSG-IS 800XL (10-25)
FSG-IS 800L (15-30)
FSG-IS 800M (20-40) Coming Soon
Available Only at The Syndicate as a Stock or Custom Rod. Not at our Dealers yet.


FSG-IS 800XL (10-25), FSG-IS 800L (15-30)

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