Inshore Composite Series


The FS Inshore Composite Series was designed to give the Inshore Angler a Composite Rod with the right action and power to chase and land the In-shore species, like Bass, Halibut, Rockfish, and Yellowtail.

Manufactured with RX6 Graphite and E-Glass, these rods have a thin overall diameter (OD) with thick walls which make the rods durable and have the expected moderate action of a Composite Rod. 

Casting models come in 8’ and 9′ wrapped in the FS Blue with metallic Navy & silver trims, with Hypalon grips to give you comfort and trigger sears to fit your favorite Bait-caster reels! 

They are the perfect Light, & Medium Inshore Rods to pair up with 300 and 400-size bait casters loaded with 40-50# spectra and a 20-30# top shot.

The heavy (30-50) is a great addition to this lineup to pair up with a 400 or 500-size bait caster loaded with 50# spectra and a 40# top-shot to cast jigs or fish deep and heavy for bass, rockfish, and school-size yellowtail at the local reefs and local islands. 

These are NOT the rods you want to take offshore for Gamefish.

9’ Rods Available for Pick Up Only!

Call for a shipping quote at (562)245-7515


FSC-IS 800L (15-30), FSC-IS 800M (20-40), FSC-IS 800H (30-50), FSC-IS 900L (15-30), FSC-IS 900M (20-40), FSC-IS 900H (30-50)

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