E-Glass 90J Series

The FS e-Glass blanks and rods are built with the perfect weight, power, and action for those anglers

that love fishing the surface irons for Yellowtail, Tuna, Seabass, and other pelagic species.

Built with Tuna Cord Deckhand handle and black stainless steel guides that give you that oldschool

style glass rod look and feel.

The FS e-Glass 90J Series will come in 3 different models that will cover all your SoCal and Baja

needs, from 20# to 60#!

The 90J Jr (15-40) was designed to fish bait and small jigs with 20-30# line for school size Tuna,

Yellowtail, Seabass and other Gamefish.

The 90J (30-60) is the perfect 40/50# Rod for launching surface irons for Yellowtail and Tuna.

The 90J (40-80)Apex is a Man’s Rod, designed to handle 60# line for bait or jigs and ready to go to battle

with the bruiser 100#’ers out there!


FS-EGL90J Jr, FS-EGL90J (30-60), FS-EGL90J Apex (40-80)

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