FS Custom Colors Big Game/Offshore Composite Series


The FS Heavy-Duty Rods cover from heavy action to Cow fishing incorporating a unique RX6 Graphite & E-Glass blend designed for the Big Game!
This entire series was designed to withstand the long battles with the bruiser game fish found in all oceans; whether you go to battle with hard pulling Jacks and Groupers or Large Tuna and Billfish!
All models have more e-glass blended in with the graphite, giving the rods a slower action which translates into more pulling and recoiling power; giving the angler the advantage over the Bruiser Gamefish!
All models are wrapped with 1.25” hypalon for comfort and Alps aluminum reel seats along with Alps heavy duty guides.
They all sport a long fore-grip to use the rail and give anglers more leverage and pulling power during those long Big Game Battles! Perfect Rods to pair up with size 12 – 50 2-speed reels.

Offshore Composite Rods
FSC-OS 760 XH (40-80)
FSC-OS 760-2XH (50-100)
FSC-OS 760-3XH (60-130) Rail Rod
FSC-OS 760-4XH (80-Unlimited) Rail Rod
FSC-BB 720 (60-130) Bent Butt
Available Only at The Syndicate as a Stock or Custom Rod. Not at our Dealers yet.


FSC-OS 760 XH (40-80), FSC-OS 760-2XH (50-100), FSC-OS 760-3XH (60-130) Rail Rod, FSC-OS 760-4XH (80-Unlimited) Rail Rod, FSC-BB 720 (60-130) Bent Butt

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  1. Michael R Carlson

    Had a chance to use the 3XH rail rod and caught a new PB yellowfin weighing 260 pounds. I really enjoyed the rod it had a good feel and enough power to be in control while fighting fish. I look forward to trying to catch another big tuna on his rods.

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