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Big Game/Offshore Composite Series


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The FS Heavy-Duty Rods cover from heavy action to Cow fishing incorporating a unique RX6 Graphite & E-Glass blend designed for the Big Game!

This entire series was designed to withstand the long battles with the bruiser game fish found in all oceans; whether you go to battle with hard pulling Jacks and Groupers or Large Tuna and Billfish!

All models have more e-glass blended in with the graphite, giving the rods a slower action which translates into more pulling and recoiling power; giving the angler the advantage over the Bruiser Gamefish!

All models are custom-wrapped with Alps aluminum reel seats and Alps heavy duty guides. They all sport a long fore-grip to use the rail and give anglers more leverage and pulling power during those long Big Game Battles!


Offshore Composite Rods

FSC-OS 760 XH (40-80)

FSC-OS 760-2XH (50-100)

FSC-OS 760-3XH (60-130) Rail Rod

FSC-BB 720 (60-130Bent Butt


Available Only at The Syndicate as a Stock or Custom Rod. Not at our Dealers yet.

Additional information

Additional information


FSC-OS 760 XH (40-80) – $350, FSC-OS 760-2XH (50-100) – $400, FSC-OS 760-3XH (60-130) Rail Rod – $500, FSC-BB 720 (60-130) Bent Butt – $550

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