Bays & Lakes Graphite Series


The FS Bays & Lakes Series was designed for the light rod A-fishionado who likes to have a quality light rod in his/her hands while chasing the freshwater bass or bay/shoreline species!
Manufactured with RX6 Graphite, they have a thin overall diameter (OD) with very thin walls which make the rods very light, super sensitive and having the expected fast action of a full graphite rod.
Both Casting & Spinning Bass models come in 8’ wrapped in black with metallic Navy & silver trims, with EVA/Cork split grip handles, graphite reel seats and black Alps guides. Great rods to fish the bays and lakes!
The Spinning Models pair up great with 2000/2500 size reels to fish 8-10# on the ML and the 3000/4500 size reels to fish 12-15# on the MH.
The Casting Models pair up great with the 200 size bait-casters loaded with 20-30# spectra and 12-18# top-shot to fish artificial baits.

Spinning Models
FSG-Bass 800SP ML (6-12) – $200
FSG-Bass 800SP MH (10-20) – $200

Casting Models
FSG-Bass 800C M (10-17) – $200
FSG-Bass 800C MH (12-20) – $200

Weight N/A

FSG-Bass 800SP ML (6-12), FSG-Bass 800SP M (8-14), FSG-Bass 800SP MH (10-20), FSG-Bass 800C ML (8-14), FSG-Bass 800C M (10-17), FSG-Bass 800C MH (12-20)


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