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Angler Chronicles


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It is seldom that two people from two different generations and backgrounds have so much in common that as soon as they meet and learn about each other’s principles, likes, dislikes, passions and goals, they can see past every difference they may have and join forces to form something unique, something special, build something that can go beyond their own life times!

Sergio’s Favorite and Unique Fishing Style demands that rods be lightweight, have light tips with lots of actions and carry – just like him – a strong backbone! This was the challenge he presented to the Fishing Syndicate, whose CEO demands nothing less.

All-Purpose Composite

FSC-AC 800L (15-30)

FSC-AC 800M (20-50) 


Inshore Graphite

FSG-AC 710MH (15-30)

FSG-AC 710H (20-40)

Custom Order Available Only at The Syndicate.

Additional information

Additional information


FSG-AC 710MH (15-30), FSG-AC 710H (25-45), FSC-AC 80L (15-30), FSC-AC 80M (20-50, FSC-AC 70H (30-60), FSC-AC 70XH (40-80)

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