All-Purpose Graphite Series


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The FS All-Purpose Graphite Series were designed for the light rod A-fishionado who likes to chase the Inshore and Island Game-Fish with a powerful yet light full graphite rod.

The All-Purpose Graphite Series (RX7/RX6 Graphite Blend) boast a medium size diameter with thin walls, but with incredible power.

They come in both 8’ & 9’. All models come with hypalon split grip handles and trigger seats for your bait-casting or small conventional reels.

The perfect rod for Inshore and Island fishing with 300 & 400 size bait-casters or the new small conventional 200-500 size reels loaded with 40-50# spectra and 20-30# top-shots.

Being Full Graphite Rods, they require the usual care graphite rods need. Keep in mind that Graphite is brittle like bone and breaks easily, especially if you high-stick them or toss them around the deck!

Casting Models

FSG-SW 800L (15-30) – $300

FSG-SW 800M (20-40) – $320

FSG-SW 900L (15-30) – $340

FSG-SW 900M (20-40) – $360

9’ Rods Available for pick up or call for a shipping quote (562) 245-7515


FSG 800L (15-30), FSG 800M (20-40), FSG 900L (15-30), FSG 900M (20-40)


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