Our Story

The FS Story

Fishing Syndicate Quality Custom and Factory Rods were designed, prepared and built by Lifelong Fishermen for Anglers and Lady-Anglers of all ages.

Fishing is not just our “hobby” but our Only Passion! We have spent decades on the water using the different blends of material employed for rod making and have perfected the right blend of Lightness, Action, Power and Durability over the years. Add to that, quality components at affordable prices and you have a match made in heaven!

Our rods are made with two goals in mind:

Finesse fishing style for the Freshwater and In-Shore angler so you can fish longer without breaking your back fighting the weight and the unbalance typical of the factory rods.

Strength & Durability for the Off-Shore angler who goes to battle chasing his/her dreams for that Big Game Fish of a life time!

These finesse and durable style rods may not be for everyone, but if you want to fish quality blanks in both Composite and Full-Graphite for freshwater, inshore or offshore species, then the Fishing Syndicate Rods are what you need.

The FS Rods will satisfy both your demand for quality and affordable prices!

Light Sensitive Powerful

Experience The FS Difference & Get Syndicated!

The FS Difference

All the FS Rods are designed and built with Sensitivity, Lightness and Power in mind. We have tested our Graphite & Glass blends in the most gruesome conditions: On the Party Boats for Seasons at a time! They get put to the test everyday by Captains, Deckhands & Passengers, but continue to perform like champs season after season!

What’s in a Blank? What gives the FS Blanks and Rods the Performance & Durability all anglers expect, want and demand from a quality rod? Quality Materials! It all begins with quality materials and a commitment to Not cut corners or compromise quality, performance and durability! Only top quality materials go into the development and making of these unique – Sensitive, Light & Powerful Rods!

Action Vs. Power? Performance Vs. Durability? Which ones would you choose? Which would you compromise? How about getting all of them without compromising? That’s part of  the FS Difference! The right Balance, Performance, Durability, Max Recoiling Power & Flexibility!

The right blends of quality materials give all the FS Rods the right action for the applications they were designed for, but with the most power possible in their class! Due to their meticulous and unique design, the FS Rods provide you with the right action, desired power and performance you expect from a quality rod while maintaining the desired durability.

The Composite blends used in our All-Purpose Composite & Big Game/Offshore Series provide you with lots of action and sensitivity on the tip while giving you lots of pulling power without compromising performance & durability!

Composite blanks typically provide a slower action, are more durable and heavier than their fragile Graphite counterparts.

The All Purpose Rods have a mod-fast action allowing you the multi-purpose ability to fish live or artificial baits. The Offshore/Big Game series incorporates more glass to give you added strength & durability, but with some added weight as well and unmatchable power.

The Full Graphite blends used in our Freshwater, Swimbait & All-Purpose Graphite Series make these rods one of the Best in their class. They truly are Sensitive, Light & Powerful and offer an awesome Performance! They are one of the lightest, most sensitive and powerful blanks and rods you’ll ever fish!

However, due to their full graphite make up these Full-Graphite rods are not your workhorses you want to toss around and throw about like you would with their Composite or Glass counterparts. Graphite is more fragile and lighter and requires more care. Not the rods you want to be high-sticking due to their fast action! Enjoy them, but use them properly and take care of them!

So how should you choose a rod that will best fit your specific need(s)? Match the Action & Power of the Rod to the fishing application(s) you have in mind so you can get the Best Performance & Durability and a more Enjoyable Experience with your new toy!

It is always best and safest to fish rods in the middle of their rating at a 45 degree angle, and sure you can fish them at the top of their rating, passed the safety zone of the 45 degree angle; just keep in mind you’re maximizing that rod’s power and pushing its performance and durability to their limits and risking breakage! The higher you raise that rod the more pressure you put on the weakest section of the rod!

Good People and a Quality Product make up part of the FS Difference!

Join The FS Nation Revolution, Experience The FS Difference And  Get Syndicated!

Actions, Powers & Applications

Much is said and many discussions and even arguments are had about rod actions, powers and breakage! And the arguments about fishing rod brands, their actions and powers and which is best over the others are endless…

So, with so much white noise, how should one make a decision on which brand to buy and fish? Many factors will literally “dictate” that decision! Do you want lightness, durability, sensitivity, backbone & power, parabolic action, stiffness, made in the USA and willing to pay that price for such, etc., etc. Some have fished every brand there is so they can make an educated decision on whether a certain rod or line of rods from the different manufacturers actually fit their personal styles. Others stick to one brand only, no matter what. Yet others like to have a rod or rods from the different manufacturers in their quiver as they like certain rod “Actions & Powers” some of these brands offer for certain applications.

At the end of the day, it is your money, your hobby, sport and get-away and we can easily apply the “to each his own” and “we can agree to disagree” rules!

But no matter what brand you choose to fish, you still have to make certain decisions to buy the proper rod, with the right action and power for the application(s) you have in mind. Are you an angler who only or mostly fishes bait and not artificial lures? The anglers/lady-anglers who fish artificial lures will be the first to tell you that fishing both on the same power & action rod is almost impossible! Fishing artificial lures is an art! If you already do so, then you know! If you don’t know, it’s time for you to try it and learn, and truly enjoy the “sport of fishing” not catching!

How then should you choose that toy or tool of the trade so you spend or invest your money wisely? As mentioned before, the decision will be dictated by all or some of the different factors listed below.

Applications, Actions & Powers! Applications, Actions & Powers! Applications, Actions & Powers!

I think it’s pretty clear by now. Do your homework in analyzing your target species/application(s) and matching your rods or tools of choice to enjoy the workout that fish of a lifetime will give you! Make your experience more pleasant and rewarding by choosing the right tools of the trade for the job you’re trying to accomplish!

Pick a rod that will fit your fishing style while keeping in mind all other factors discussed. If you’re young and strong, and like that FAST action or shut-off that Graphite rods offer remember you will be exerting more power yourself; you will provide the muscle the rod lacks. If you’re older or have injuries, you will want to use a Composite rod which will inherently put more pressure on the fish, not you. If you want a heavy nearly-unbreakable rod, than Glass is the name of your game!

Graphite is just like bone which provides rigidity and stiffness, but is brittle and can easily break when put under enough pressure or when falling! Graphite rods are light and stiff, but hardly have lifting power and are brittle so they break more easily when used inappropriately!

Glass is just like muscle which is flexible and provides lifting power. Glass rods hardly break, but typically have no backbone or pulling power as they tend to bend down to the handle.

The combination that both Graphite & Glass provide in a “Good Quality” Composite Blank is like that individual who lifts weights everyday and has the rigidity and power to lift heavy objects! This rod will often give you the right combination of Action & Power for a variety of Applications!

All of these will come in to play when you go chasing that fish of a lifetime and should all be considered when choosing your new toy!

  • Application(s)
  • Location(s)
  • Line Rating(s)
  • Reel(s)
  • Bait(s)
  • Target Species
  • Personal Fishing Style
  • Physical Condition
  • Budget
  • And Other Factors


Remember Not to bring a knife to a gun fight! Don’t take a Bass Rod to Fight Tuna or a Tuna Rod to Fish Bass!

Once you have made all these determinations, you now have to chose the type of material (Graphite, Glass or Composite), power and action of that necessary tool to go chase your fish of a lifetime!

The Brand? Well, that will be a decision you will make mostly based on your emotions which can be influenced by marketing, friends or likes & dislikes!

Go pull on the different rods and make an informed decision on your own!


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