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The FS Story

Fishing Syndicate Fishing Products were designed, prepared and built by Lifelong Fishermen for Anglers and Lady-Anglers of all ages. Fishing is not just our “hobby” but our Only Passion, and an integral part of the FS Lifestyle! We designed and built the FS Fishing Products to meet our desires and demands for durable quality products which in turn provide maximum strength and durability with long-term reliability and confidence to the end user. High sensitivity to enhance your fishing experience and increase your catch ratio. To all this, add a light-weight product that provides anglers of all ages with maximum comfort on the water. From Trout to Cows, there is an FS Rod that will meet your needs! Light • Sensitive • Powerful The FS Apparel line up is designed to express the love you feel for the sport and to mentally transport you to your happy place. The FS tackle is designed for the avid and apprentice angler who loves to fish the artificial baits to trigger a reaction bite, whether in Fresh or Salt Waters. The FS Fishing Products will satisfy both your demand for quality and affordable prices! Experience the FS Difference & Get Syndicated!

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