Our Story

The FS Story

Fishing Syndicate Fishing Products were designed, prepared and built by Lifelong Fishermen for Anglers and Lady-Anglers of all ages.

Fishing is not just our “hobby” but our Only Passion! We have spent decades on the water using the different blends of material employed for rod making and have perfected the right blend of Lightness, Action, Power and Durability over the years. Add to that, quality components at affordable prices and you have a match made in heaven!

Our rods are made with two goals in mind:

Finesse fishing style for the Freshwater and In-Shore angler so you can fish longer without breaking your back fighting the weight and the unbalance typical of the factory rods.

Strength & Durability for the Off-Shore angler who goes to battle chasing his/her dreams for that Big Game Fish of a life time!

These finesse and durable style rods may not be for everyone, but if you want to fish quality blanks in both Composite and Full-Graphite for freshwater, inshore or offshore species, then the Fishing Syndicate Rods are what you need.

The FS Rods will satisfy both your demand for quality and affordable prices!

Light  Sensitive  Powerful

Experience The FS Difference & Get Syndicated!

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